Klamath Estuary July 2012

23 07 2012

Twelve inquisitive paddlers gathered at the Klamath estuary sunday morning and be 10:15 we were on the water and ready to explore.

Low water but still an easy launch

An adult bald eagle was perched in a snag across the way warily observing the operation. All boats launched, we make our way up the first channel nearest the frontage road. Kingfishers, cormorants, mallards, and osprey abound and we are surprised by a sighting of a beaver swimming non-chalantly across the channel. We follow successive sloughs up to dead-ends. The water level is low due to a minus tide but beginning to rise. After the beaver sighting we become aware of many large tunnels into the island banks.

We’re on our way. The blob in the snag is an adult bald eagle.

The eagle is unperturbed as we paddle by directly underneath its perch. The estuary is beginning to fill up by noon so we head to the spit to take a break and have some refreshment. A line of blue sits out over the ocean and we will it our way but the day remains overcast.

Lunch on the beach

As scheduled, during lunch break a grey whale meandered by in front of us. A huge flock of elegant terns were roosting on the spit and occassionally would rise up in a raucous mass. After lunch we were all pretty relaxed and lazy. We continued up the main part of the river for a ways but didn’t travel very far. It had been a good day and a relaxing paddle and we headed back to the put-in for beer, peanuts, and farewells.



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