North Of Trinidad to Whale’s Head

12 09 2012

Mark sits with the boats before leaving for the paddle north.


Nick stows gear at Indian beach.

With a week’s notice, Nick let me know that he wanted to paddle to and camp at Whale’s Head north of Trinidad.  He wanted to paddle out in the late afternoon, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on the water that close to sunset. We finally packed up and launched at Indian Beach at about 4:30pm on Saturday.

It was a sunny evening with medium swells and some wind and chop.  After rounding Trinidad Head we headed


Nick and I paused for a photo-op off Elk Head.


Nick and Mark off Megwil Point.

straight for Megwil Point north of College Cove to see what the waters looked like toward Whales Head.  The evening light was unique (we usually paddle in the morning) and it was different to see the coast sunlit from that side. We got as far as Green Rock before deciding to turn back and spend the night at College Cove.

Landing at the east end of College Cove was easy, once we timed the conditions at the beach.  The beach was wider there, and we found a couple of suitable tent sites.


Image Nick (top) and Mark paddle through the foam toward the night’s camp.

While I set up my tent Nick shucked oysters and opened


Kumamoto oysters and beer!


I set up my tent.

a big bottle of beer.


Sunset 7:30pm

It was a pretty evening with a great sunset.  We stayed up ’til 11 o’clock talking, enjoyed the clear, starry sky, and we hit the sack expecting fog and drizzle in the morning.

It stayed clear all night, and Sunday morning was clear as well!  I gathered wood for a small fire and Nick and I were having breakfast at about 7 o’clock.  Then we stuffed the gear, packed the boats, turned on the radios, and Nick checked to see if any ENC paddlers were within hailing distance.  Michael responded and he and half a dozen others met us off the cove.


the “Sunday Services” group meets us soon after launch.


From there, Nick and I paddled back north past Megwil Point and Green Rock and toward Whale’s Head.  The conditions were similar to the previous evening, with an early wind and chop.  It was great to paddle a new and different area and exciting to keep alert for new rocks and reefs.  Our chart didn’t name Whale’s Head so Nick pointed it out to me as we got there. We paddled in slowly toward the “beach” and looked for possible landings, and, despite the swells, got well inside the cove formed by the Head.  In the half hour we spent in the moderate protection of Whale’s Head, we didn’t see any possible tent sites, and only 2 so-so landing sites.  I suppose that if we had been with a larger group, we might have landed then, but we were being cautious, so we didn’t.

ImageWe headed back through various rocks toward Trinidad with the wind from behind helping us along.  We got hot from the sunshine, so near Green rock we rolled to cool off.  Nick suggested we go around Flatiron Rock, so we paddled into the sun and stopped to check out the cove there.  Then it was back toward The Head past a couple of kayak fisherman, and in to Indian beach.  The whole morning was a fun paddle, with moderate conditions and sunny skies.  This whole trip was fun, with plenty of time to enjoy the water, weather, beaches and each other’s company.ImageImageMark Lufkin



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