Marks (2) at Big Lagoon

12 06 2016

Last Wednesday, Charlotte’s housemate, Mark, told me he was going to camp at Big Lagoon for a few days and through the weekend, so I asked if I could go along.  He said sure, and he picked me up Thursday afternoon.  He planned on fishing, and I wanted to make photos of the scenery there.  We got to the campground at about 5 o’clock and still had plenty of time to set up tents.

I immediately paddled out on the lagoon under a  threatening sky and into a moderate wind.  After a short trip and dinner, I slept well. I was glad to have set up the tent, instead of sleeping “under the stars”, because it rained for a brief period that night.


Paddling Out the First Night

The next morning I headed straight for the north end of the lagoon where it breeches and stayed there with the camera until I took a  lunch break.  The water was clear and almost flat; there was little wind.


Lunch Stop at the Breech

Then I headed back towards the campground.  I bumped into Mark as he drifted his bait along the bottom;  he said he had gotten a couple of good strikes.


Drift Fishing

We chatted for awhile and then I went over to the spit and took a nap. Later in the day I poked along the eastern shore of the lagoon and walked the beach, looking at the rock formations and patterns in the sand.



A Mini Sand Spit

I discovered a Humboldt Gum plant, an endangered specie which I had seen before only on Humboldt Bay.  Other plants perched on the rocks, and many of them were blooming.


Colors on the Rocks

By that time, the wind had kicked up sizeable wind waves out on the lagoon, and the sound of them on the beach was like music.  After a few more photos I paddled back to camp for dinner and a good night’s sleep.


The next morning Charlotte picked me up and we went over the hill to Stone lagoon for the Explore North Coast hosted Rescue Practice Paddle.   Thanks, Mark and Charlotte, for a great weekend on Big Lagoon!

Mark Lufkin



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